Day 2

Good morning to all mice! It was actually 1 AM, the right time to wake up in the city that never sleeps. It never sleeps, but sometimes it is quiet as in a cathedral on Monday in the corridor. Oh, I heard something from the upper floor. Yes, it was a flute, what magical music! Someone was playing “The shepherd and his 300 sheep” divinely beautifully.

“Come on, black sheep person, play for us with the sound of paradise,” I thought. Oh, even the door was open. Among the dim light, a young, beautiful girl was playing the pan flute with her eyes closed. She was wearing a thin white dress with sleeves. Next to her, sunk deep in an armchair, an elderly gentleman was sitting dressed in a white suit and listened to her with the look of deep emotion on his face. Oh-la-la, I saw the noses of 3 gray mice to the right, what a surprise.  They had also come to the concert, the poor things, the last one in their lives. That’s what I call a royal breakfast at a concert. Now, let’s get ready to jump. You, my sweet donuts, just keep listening to the music…

“It’s time to go!” the gentleman cut through the silence heavily with a base-heavy voice. Ah, you old pervert and ugly owl! You put the end to my feast – frightened of the old boar, the mice disappeared in their hole. Fuck him in all holes! Hungry and angry I decided to follow them for revenge. That is what we cats do!

The white hog took the lady by the hand and the two went out with quiet steps. I slipped after them like an invisible shadow. It was still dark on the street. Very cold too. They walked silently and solemnly, like at a parade. While crossing Central Park, many spirits began to follow them. Too many ghosts! The couple in white did not see them, but I saw them. My cat intuition told me that something was wrong.

The two people, accompanied by about 70 spirits, turned onto Manhattan Bridge. The February wind was trying to stop this white fellowship but failed. The group walked until the middle of the bridge and stopped. The girl and the gentleman turned right and walked to the railing. The horror! They wanted to jump from the bridge! I no longer hated them, I wanted to save them. Although for me they were not as valuable as mice, however…

Life is chaos, but art is order. It was time for action, time for my performance. I jumped on the railing and went by, right in front of them.

“Oh, no, I can’t do it! A black cat crossed our path,” said the girl and added, “That brings bad luck.”

“Bullshit!” hissed the fat python, “We’ll die together. We have decided it.”

The girl’s eyes shone more powerfully than mine.

“Hey, moron, who told you that death is a misfortune?” she cried out loudly.

”Oh, what a surly tongue! You do not talk that way when we met ”- stocky man said quietly.

”We met on Facebook. You there several times lied to me!” – respond woman anxiously and added  – ”I needed someone to accompany me in my last road.. I invited you to my house, I played the flute for you and wanted to quietly flew to my star …But Satan still needs me here…

The fat man said angrily: ”You call me Satan, you dirty bitch and fanatical loser. You of any star will not go. Who lied to you about it?Your body will feed the fish first and then you will find rest in black, police heard. Ha-ha-ha!”

The woman looked at him with unseeing eyes, then looked at me, shivered from the cold and walked quickly back. I waved a few times with my tail and followed her. We cats hate bridges. We cats love music and I do not have any mistress lately…

Morning already punching dark, cold clouds. Some people delivery noisy tows of newspapers. Police car flew with lighted lamps on the roof. A odious Arab fussing around his gyros. Various crazy people running with headphones and hats on their heads. Several bearded homeless folding the boxes in which they slept. Good morning,Big Apple!